Decades of experience have taught us about a great deal of artistic styles, earning deep knowledge about quality finishes that have become our trademark. Have a look at this small selection of styles to find the examples you are looking for as an artist.


Not only artists. The foundry has established strong bonds with organizations of all kinds throughout the years. Institutions as prestigious as the International Olympic Committee have trusted us since the eighties to supply their events and museums with sculpture. But also multinationals as Nike, that commissioned the artwork decorating their headquarters in Oregon.

Also Artesa winery in Napa Valley with the commission of their monument by Marcel Martí. A great deal of non profit organizations such as ONCE, the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the Spanish Council of Shopping Centers, the Goya awards… All of them projects that have made us understand better what companies and organizations look for when they knock on our door.


The foundry is also a resource for architects and designers. Refined ornamental pieces, hanging installations, big format murals, external cladding in corten steel or bronze with patina. All elements that bring an added presence to the buildings elevating them to a superior level. We have had the chance to take on some projects at the highest level working for Norman Foster or the Four Seasons Madrid Exclusive apartments. Creative posibilities are almost infinite. Intricate patterns in sheet metal, metal cladding and other elements add to the placing of selected sculpture indoor and outdoor.